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Connecting 2 computers is convenient for transferring files, making backups of data, sharing resources like a printers and CD Writers. Multi-user games can be played over networked computers and a single internet connection can be shared between the computers. Depending on the resources available and applications, there are different methods for connecting 2 computers.

How to connect 2 computers :

1. Computers can be connected using wired technology using Ethernet cables, hubs, switches, routers , USB hubs or wireless technology using WiFi, Bluetooth or Infrared. Wired technology is more secure and reliable compared to wireless technology, but is also  inconvenient and requires additional cabling.

2. A simple home network consists of  2 computers joined by a cable. Different types of cables can be used - an Ethernet crossover cable, Null modem serial or parallel cable or special USB cable. Ethernet crossover cables are the widely used for a high speed connection, since most computers have a built in network interface card (NIC) . The data transfer rate for serial or parallel cables is much lower than that of  Ethernet cables.

3. Go to the control panel, select Network Connections and go to Network Setup Wizard. Both the computers should have the same workgroup name, if files and data are to be shared. Each computer should have a unique computer name. Run the Network Setup Wizard on the second computer also.

4. If a internet connection is to be shared between the 2 computers, you will have to enable the Internet Connection Service.  Depending on whether the computer is directly connected to the internet you will have to choose between various options.

5. Enable file and printer sharing between the 2 computers. Restart the machine and the other computer will be visible on the network. If there is a problem with the Ethernet cable or connectors, there may be an error, so check the cable.

6. If a switch or router is available, one Ethernet cable should be connected from each computer to the hub or router. The Ethernet cables for connecting to a hub or router are normal cable and are different from crossover cables used for direct computer connection. Repeat step 3 on both computers. Hubs, switch or router should be used if the network is likely to be expanded in future. 

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