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Due to privacy and security concerns, most people wish to delete  and files from their computer. Usually this is simple, but at times you can face problems.If  you selling your hard disk, you may wish to delete all files . Since most users use their computer while they are logged in as administrator, they should be able to delete any file on  their hard drive.


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Delete data and program files.

1.Sometimes, if there is an error during installation of a  program, the delete option may not work. In such cases, you start the computer in the safe mode and try to delete files. If even this does not work, go to the MS Dos prompt and try to delete the file.

2. If  a cookie is not getting deleted or changing its name , it could be Spyware and you may have to use Spyware removal tools.

3. Some files infected by viruses cannot be repaired  by antivirus software , so they are quarantined to prevent further problems.

4. For a CDRW disc, data can be erased using software from Nero, Windows Media Player or Adaptec.

5. If a virus cannot be removed easily, formatting the hard disk may be the best option to erase all the data.  However, if a hard disk is formatted many times (300-500 times), it may reduce the life of  the hard drive. A Windows CD is required  for formatting and reinstalling Windows OS.

6. Formatting the hard drive does not securely erase data and if you are giving away your hard drive, data recovery experts may be able to extract personal information from your hard drive. So if  the data has to be permanently erased, an Eraser program can be used, which rewrites the hard drive with random data, so that the data stored originally on the hard drive cannot be recovered. A wipe program will overwrite with random data 7 to 35 times, so that no personal data can be retrieved.

7. When a file is deleted from a hard drive, only the location of the files on the master file table are marked as free. The deleted files remain on the hard disk till they are overwritten by new files.

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