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If  you are surfing the internet for a long time and visiting websites with flash, animation or activeX, you may get the message titled - Iexplorer.exe application error or CiceroUiwndFrame error.   This occurs whenever you are trying  to close down Internet explorer, you  get that message error which reads:
Instruction at the 0x5xccccdd referenced memory the 0x000b001c memory could not be read.

These error messages are usually displayed when you are connected to the internet for a longer time - about 2-3 hours. Internet surfing also becomes very slow before this message is displayed . Some users have also reported that internet explorer hangs.


How to fix it

For CiceroUiwndFrame error which is due to a problem in CiceroUiwndFrame, the speed and handwriting recognition part of  Office XP. To uninstall it
1. Go to Control panel ----> add and remove programs

2. Select Microsoft Office XP Professional with FrontPage and click on "change" option

3.  Select Office shared features ---> Alternative user input --->Speech and Handwriting Recognition . Deselect both the options


For Iexplorer.exe application error, the error may be due to faulty Add-ons

1.  In the Internet Explorer menu, go to "Tools->Manage Add-ons"

2. You will get a list of all the add-ons loaded for Internet Explorer. Add-on software where no publisher is specified could be spyware.

3. Select each add-on and disable it. If any particular add-on is essential, you may keep it enabled and check the problem persists. If there is no problem, you can continue with the add-on, else you may have to remove all add-ons.

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