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Keyboards form part of the user interface and a keyboard problem can be very annoying.  Some of  the common keyboard problems are:

a. Some keys work, while other keys do not

b. A key comes out or is stuck

c. No character appears on the screen when entered on the keyboard

d. Keyboard test failure appears during startup or a series of beeps are heard when the computer is started

How to fix Keyboard problems:

1. Due to wear and tear, the keys for certain characters on a keyboard will wear out. This happens for more commonly used characters.  If the problem is due to loose or improper contact, you can try to fix the key back. If this does not work, you can  replace the key with a new key purchased from a  computer store.


2. Sometimes the keyboard drivers can get corrupted.

Go to My Computer --->Hardware---->Device Manager and uninstall the keyboard. Restart the computer, the keyboard should get reinstalled automatically.

The keyboard should start working again.


3. Try to swap the keyboard with another keyboard which works properly on another computer. If the alternate keyboard has the same problem, there may be a problem with the keyboard circuit on motherboard.    

If the alternate keyboard works properly, check if  the keyboard cable is properly connected, whether wires in the keyboard cable are connected properly.


4. Open out the keyboard and check if the keyboard fuse is working. If the fuse has blown, replace it with another fuse of  the same rating and size.


5. If  you spill water or any liquid on the keyboard,  switch off the computer immediately. Unplug the keyboard, turn the keyboard upside down and keep it out for drying either in the sun or under a fan. If  some other fluid has been spilled on the keyboard, use a moist cotton swab or ear bud to  wipe away the fluid.  Only when it is completely dry, (it will take a minimum of  24 hours depending on the weather), connect the keyboard back to your computer.

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