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A slow internet connection can be frustrating as you waste a lot of time trying to open any web page and your internet connection may get disconnected in the middle of  a download. Internet connections will be slower during the day, when most people access the internet at their workplace and at night. You can get the best speed early in the morning (between 2 am and 8 am) and on Sunday morning.

How to fix it

For a cable internet connection

1.Check if the hub/cable modem through which your connection  is routed is working properly. Sometimes, there is a problem with a single port.

2. Check if  you installed any firewall software. Some firewall software block the ports required by cable internet connection software for connecting with the server

3. Check whether the fiber optic cables are installed underground or overhead. Though manufacturers recommend different grades of cable for underground and overhead use, the same grade of cable is used for overhead cabling also by some companies. So a crow pecking at the fiber optic cable may damage it. Your cable operator will have to get the cable spliced , which may take time.

4. There may be congestion in the cable network, server (ISP) or bandwidth may not be available. You can only try to connect to the internet after some time.

5. Check for viruses, trojans and spyware, data may be transferred away from your computer without your knowledge.

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For a dialup internet connection (some of  these solutions may also be applicable to DSL connections , since the same telephone wires are used)

1. Check  if  the connection between wires is proper. Sometimes, a connection is made by just removing the insulation from the wire, without crimping any connector.  If  the connection is loose, tighten it using a screwdriver. Remove multiple wires at a single connection and check if there is any improvement.

2. Remove all dust and any oxidation on the connecting wires. Also try interchanging the junction box at which the wires are connected.

3. Check if  the wires in the junction box outside your house are fixed properly. Sometimes , pranksters either partially pull out the telephone lines or interchange them.

4. Check if your modem is working properly by using another modem or computer.

5. If it rains very heavily, due to the high level of humidity, all telephone lines in your area will be affected. You can either register a complaint with the telephone exchange (local office) or wait till the sun shines again.

6. If there is welding work being done in a nearby area, the electrical noise from the welding machine could distort the data signal. You may have to wait till the work is completed.

7. When there is a calamity or problem at the ISP's telephone exchange, you may get the message " all lines in this route are busy, please try again"  

8. Sometimes, if  the same internet connection is connected to 2 different machines and both the machines are switched on, you may not be able to connect to the internet. If you switch off one machine, you will be able to connect to the internet.  This could be because the 2 machines have different internal modems.

9. If  you get an error message "there is no dial tone", it means that either the telephone wire is not connected to your computer or the telephone line is dead. Connect the wire back to the internal  modem in your computer or complain to the local telephone exchange if  the phone is dead.

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