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Spam email or junk email is unwanted email received by the recipient. Almost every internet user will have received emails promising millions of  dollars from corrupt politicians. A lot of  time is wasted sorting through the email received and deleting spam email. By mistake, important mail also gets deleted at times. Many people use email programs with a  spam filter, but this is not 100% accurate. While it is not possible to totally eliminate spam email, you can keep junk emails manageable.

How to fix it

1. Use different email ids for different uses. With people you know very well, you can give your main email id, for business purposes, you can create a separate id.


2. Sometimes your computer may be infected by a Virus, trojan or spyware. Whenever you are connected to the internet, thousands of  emails may be automatically sent without your knowledge.

How to keep your computer virus free and download free antivirus software

How to remove spyware, trojans from your PC, Free spyware remover

Sometimes, your PC may not have any viruses or spyware. But if a friends computer is infected and your email id is in the address book, you will receive junk mail.


3. When you join any forum, mailing list or post on a message board, create a temporary free email id at yahoo, hotmail, rediffmail or other free email service. Many mailing list owners may resell your email id.  Bots crawl message boards, gathering emails. If you receive too much spam, you can simply stop using the email id.


4. Remove your email id from your website. For contacting you, visitors to your website can use the contact form on the website. Also use a private who is service as far as possible for domain registration services.


5. Use a spam filtering software to separate out junk mail, but ensure that you have final control over the emails which are deleted. Most spam filters mark messages as spam based on certain words which are commonly used by spammers.

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