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Renting vs buying

Increasingly, it is becoming more economical to rent/lease computer equipment rather than buy them. Most brands offer after sales service for only one year after the purchase date. After that all maintenance has to be done by the equipment owner or an AMC has to be signed, which can be expensive. Also for most computer/electronics equipment the performance deteriorates significantly after the first year of use, so money may be wasted in procuring expensive components as replacements.
In terms of reliability/performance, computer equipment can be ranked in the following sequence
1.Branded desktops – very reliable , most work for a year or two without major problems
2.Branded laptops/netbooks – vulnerable to hacking using WiFi / Bluetooth
3.Branded printers – deskjets, allin ones – most unreliable at present, scanning functions stops arbitarily, power supply malfunctions.
Have tested 3 major brands of printers /all in one devices.
In such cases at least for laptops /netbooks/ printers , leasing may be a more cost effective solution.