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Stop promoting your relative


This is an open letter to a powerful person in the Indian internet industry by a webmaster/online publisher, since they is no way to contact the powerful person, all actions are taken behind the back of the publisher, after putting the publisher under surveillance. This powerful person is a complete coward who specialises in the exploitation of single women to enrich his cunning relatives. When false malicious rumours are spread behind the back of the publisher, these powerful people blindly believed in this rumours and subjected the online publisher to further harassment because they were jealous of her.

They terrorised the publisher into paying her hard earned money for poor quality articles to their relatives and friends. One relative of this powerful person “a simple housewife” by her own admission, earned so much money that she could build a new house in a metro city. However, when it turned out that most of the articles submitted did not pass copyscape, this ungrateful freelance writer refused to reply to repeated emails. This cunning housewife had basically looted the hardearned money of the online publisher, but remained untouched because her powerful backer could waste tax payer money to harass the online publisher and ensure that he is unaffected. The articles clearly indicated the perverted mindset of this powerful person as he wrote how she /he ogled at the online publisher when she was taking bath.

As a result of these payments, the online publisher was subjected to further harassment by enemies of the powerful people, and these powerful people did not help in any way. To stop the dual harassment, the online publisher stopped making payment to these relatives and friends after which the powerful people shamelessly started introducing their relatives and friends as the online publisher just to steal privileges. These relatives and friends turned out to be the most ungrateful persons on the earth. As long as they received payment, they would reply, but the moment the payment stopped, there was no reply at all.

Now these powerful people put the online publisher under surveillance and still continue to claim that all revenues are because of the content written by their housewife relative, whose articles did not even pass copyscape. When your relative is not doing any work at all, why claim that she is doing the work, to falsely claim credit.