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More evidence of email theft

Email interception powers are given for national security, but how is stealing leads from an exporter, national security, it is corporate espionage.
For an email account with hostg* all the emails have been deleted by someone for the last 15 hours, they are obviously stolen by someone who hates the webmaster.
why does one person have to pay the bills, and the fraud who cheats her, does not spend a single penny on bills, gets unlimited permission to steal and delete all her emails.
even the transfer of webhosting from hostgator they are blocking,
yet they have complete powers of surveillance.
to cause damage as they wish, and no one to question them.

Search engine optimisation packages

Today the internet is used extensively for searching information, especially business information. For any business, the website is both an online brochure and also a marketing tool, which can be a steady source of free leads and customers, if the website ranks well in search engines for the product or services being sold. However most web designers will only design the website of a business and often a customer searching for the website will not be able to locate it while using search engines like Google. A search engine optimisation firm can ensure that the website ranks well in search engines for the products or services which are sold by using various techniques such as content optimization, link building, social media marketing. Various SEO packages are available depending on the customer needs and marketing budget.

Typically the pricing for the search engine optimisation packages will be based on the number of products or services which have to rank well in search engines results. The SEO firm will analyse the search information to find the main keywords used by potential customers to find the websites in the same niche. They will then modify the content of the website if needed, prepare relevant content and also build backlinks to the website to improve its search engine rankings. One of the criteria for selecting a SEO firm are the results achieved in the past, customer feedback and pricing of the packages offered. The search engine optimisation packages are usually billed on a monthly basis based on results achieved.

Rootkit removal expert needed

Expert needed to remove rootkits which are installed on multiple laptops. Most conventional rootkit removal tools are not effective in removing these rootkits. For example, the Kapersky rootkit removal tool could not be unzipped on an affected laptop. These rootkits are used to control the laptop remotely, would also like to trace the persons responsible so that legal action can be initiated. Would also like to know if Google India employees, contractors or business associates are directly or indirectly involved or encouraging this cybercrime.

Email investigator needed

We are interested in hiring an experienced investigator familiar with email routing in India, to investigate under what circumstances emails belonging to private citizens can be diverted. We have proof that our emails were routed through Digicomp India, Bangalore some time ago, and even today, email delivery is greatly delayed (proof of delay available), causing great financial losses. We are interested in finding out who is responsible and how to stop this interception and also initiate legal actions to get compensation for the financial losses. Would also like to know if Google India employees, contractors or business associates are directly or indirectly involved or encouraging this cybercrime.


How I Earn INR 50000/ per month and above by doing

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Analysing Bandwidth theft using the Air** 3G Modem

Some users of a postpaid 3G Air** connection are saddled with a huge postpaid internet bill, usually for internet usage which someone else is utilising at their cost. The hackers make changes in the registry and soon after the connection is made, the user gets the message “UnifiedUi.exe has stopped working” (screenshot posted below), and the disconnect button disappears.

UnifiedUI.exe has stopped working

UnifiedUI.exe has stopped working

For some laptops the connection is disconnected remotely and connected again without the subscribers knowledge or permission.
Even after making a complaint to Air**, there has been no solution to the problem, but internet usage is being monitored very closely by the subscriber to avoid inflated bills. More updates will be posted here.

How to get yourself an ecommerce website for free

The increase in E-commerce websites and online selling

In today’s day and age, there is everywhere a scheme to be seen.  Buy one get 1 free or 20% off on this when you buy that. Some of us want to invest in business and have decided to sell online. E-commerce is increasing like anything in India. What should be the option for someone wanting  to sell online for the first time and has a good range of products to sell. Let us assume you’re selling sports good or for that matter collectibles etc. already from a store. So , you already have the business and product knowledge. Now you want to sell online and what you basically need is an e-commerce website for free.

Zen cart , an ecommerce software

Example of Shopping cart software

So what should you do ?

Should you hire an ecommerce solutions company ? Continue reading

Effective web design delivers in every way

Many businesses would agree that the Internet has definitely been one of the most innovative and lifestyle changing creations of the latest century, giving individuals an essentially limitless accumulation of internet references or sites among which individuals have the capacity to identify probably any kind or item of knowledge, detail or assistance that is demanded. Nonetheless coming from the point of view of an individual or maybe a business concern which is hoping to be noticed on the web, taking on billions of sources along with online sites means that to attract attention, in reality, impressive website creation is undeniably essential. The artistic charm, format and also composition of an online site has a significant influence together with bearing on whether the internet site itself will be literally inviting enough for guests to review and utilise the appropriate information and facts provided in order to stay on the website for a while

Many people would agree that the details of web site construction are critical in regard of the overall performance of any type of internet resource. For most, the elements together with facets of a really good web site design are utterly beyond them, which is exactly why these people employ the services of a website construction company, which has the expertise, professionalism and trust and is able to supply an aesthetically enticing layout and web creation which will definitely retain site visitors and fulfil the appropriate aims for on-line success.

When it relates to impressive web page composition, factors such as the overall appearance of the site along with Search Engine Optimisation components should be born in mind. The visual appeals of the website should consider the service or product and taking into account the online resource might possibly be the very first image of a firm, it needs to project the perfect message. With respect to content, a proficient web development service provider could well have the ability to deliver excellent content that interests the individual and which potentially coerces them to purchase the specific service or product offered.

As with any style of services, deliberate reflection should be taken to be certain that the Web Design company can absolutely grant all the associated facets demanded to the appropriate specification to deliver a successful result.

Secure file transfer software offers a solution

There is no doubt that we now live in a world in which our data is emerging as significantly more easily obtainable online, the reality is that confidential as well as personal details must be protected to ensure complete compliance with pertinent regulation, as well as any form of issue as a result of data loss such as legal issues. Many firms now maintain information relating to individuals no matter if business related or individual, however the concern is exactly how that information is guarded to guarantee no data loss. This is vital when looking at file transfer, which is the reason why numerous businesses are making use of software products which automate the process and thereby deliver a notably more guarded option.

When it relates to ensuring the safety of files, one of the vital points to consider must be the relevant software application utilised for information transmission. There are a number of products readily available nevertheless the most competent mode of safe secure file transfer utilises automation which is software program developed, which then prevents any possible problems due to human intervention. Additionally the structure of the company systems needs to additionally be taken into consideration, and in reality will have a significant impact on the selection of software solution.

The reality when it relates to data safekeeping is that information must only be offered to the appropriate people whom need access, that is needed for the individual to do their job. This process is named data governance. Furthermore many companies use sensitive data in different aspects of their company, such as subsidiaries and divisions, that involves file transfer of records. This is simply the one dilemma which offers the biggest threat essentially as the internet and its process of operation introduces prospective issues when transferring data. Currently there are a variety of means of providing file transfer and in regards to protection, the challenge relates to the fact that many business utilise a selection of automated as well as human steps that inherently in themselves generate potential problems.

Data loss prevention is a crucial concern for any sort of firm, as the ramifications of data loss for every one concerned are serious. The internet is a consistently developing medium and so are the potential hazards, which is exactly why it is critical for any business which possesses customer info to guarantee that their applicable standard protocols are completely effective to stop information loss. Whatever method this secure method takes needs to be effective, efficient and flexible enough so as to handle the ever changing demands of the internet and the company itself to deliver a totally conversant approach which grants the relevant quality of protection required.