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Pixel manipulation of samsung Rv513 laptop

In a major case of corporate espionage , the pixels at the bottom rows of the samsung rv513 laptop are being manipulated remotely so that the color keeps changing, The taskbar is no longer visible. It is believed that the fraud top officials in the indian internet sector, promoting lazy greedy goan call girls who sleep with them, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, obc bsc sunaina, brahmin cheaters like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi and others like ruchika, asmita patel, veena as webmasters, domain investors to allegedly get them lucrative government jobs with salary and pension for the rest of their life are behind this fraud,. The pampered goan call girl diploma holder siddhi mandrekar had commited corporate espionage and injected sophisticated malware on the laptop and was rewarded for her crime, with a senior position falsely claiming that she has twenty years experience, when the cheater siddhi has no work experience, except in corporate espionage and cheating people who trust her.
In India today, frauds and liars are given great powers, due to the warped value system of indian society today, while victims find it difficult to get justice*

How to remove NEW.exe folder USB virus

A laptop and desktop been infected with New.exe virus . Any usb device used will have a new.exe folder automatically created .
The folder details are date of creation October 5, 2014
Folder/file size : 860 KB
The problem was observed on the following brands/USB devices
Adata pen drive
Moser baer pen drive
Toshiba pen drive
Sandisk 4 pen drive
sandisk 4GB SDHC card

Have tried using the following antivirus software they are not detecting the malware
Kingsoft Antivirus
USB Scan
Allegedly the shameless greedy fraud relatives and friends of google, tata sponsored shivalli brahmin cheater VVIp bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar have managed to convince everyone that the fraud nayanshree has an engineering degree from a top engineering college in 1993 to reward her for cheating a single woman engineer of more than Rs 1,1 lakh. In reality nayanshree had no work experience till 2011, and only a BMM degree from Mangalore university,
However these shameless fraud officials are able to put the obc engineer whose resume they have stolen for mediocre lazy brahmin cheaters and call girls under surveillance giving fake excuses of national security, and have developed the new.exe virus to celebrate their success in promoting the brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar as an engineer online, getting her a lucrative governmemt job with the stolen resume of a brilliant obc engineer.
If any free or paid antivirus tool will be available, kindly revert to and

TV vs Computer/Internet for Pepsi IPL advertising

Though advertising and usage of digital media has increased to a very large extent, internet usage in India remains very expensive, slow and highly regulated. Online exporters, especially bloggers in India are often branded as security threats for receiving Paypal payment (without any proof!) with their internet connection routed through the relatives and friends of powerful officials in the indian internet sector to harass them as these friends will slow down the connection whenever they feel like or disconnect. The pepsi IPL remains one of the most popular cricket tournament in India with a large number of viewers and advertising online and offline has been reviewed .

For example yearly cable TV connection will only cost about Rs 3500 for unlimited viewing while 2GB internet usage monthly usage for Airtel will cost Rs 500+, and this results in far higher viewership for TV channels. Naturally many advertisers prefer to promote their product or service on TV . Pepsi IPL has been extensively advertised on Television channels, both the tournament and related products and services developed for the Pepsi IPL. Many users with an internet connection also prefer to watch TV for news and ads as it is both inexpensive and quicker as they do not have to wait for a page to load with the slow internet connection during the day.

It appears that the advertisers have preferred to focus on only certain channels with high viewership and local TV channels have been ignored for Pepsi IPL advertising. As usual Pepsi has released a series of slickly produced ads celebrating the Indian Premier League (IPL). These television commercials have been celebrating the IPL as a pan India cricket festival and show people from different backgrounds and regions of india dancing and rejoicing to indicate that the IPL is popular through out the country. These ads have been produced to inform people about the cricket tournament, so that they track and watch the cricket matches .

However the frequency of Pepsi IPL ads remains low on some of the major TV channels, especially during the day. In terms of frequency of being aired the most popular cricket or IPL related ad on television was for an app for watching the IPL matches on the mobile phone called Hotstar. Increasingly companies are blocking cricket related websites so that employees do not waste time at work, yet when an interesting cricket match is being aired, people in india will stop all their work and gather around the nearest television set to watch the cricket match being broadcast. Now it has become possible to watch the same match on the smart phone or mobile phone and the Hotstar app shows how the person watching the cricket matches on his mobile phone becomes the center of attention.

Due to the high level of surveillance of bloggers and online exporters in India they will keep their internet usage to the minimum to reduce the damage to their health and being labelled as a national security threat. For these bloggers, There appear to be very few Pepsi IPL related ads visible for most of their activities online in India. However the great disadvantage of watching TV is that the ad cannot be retrieved whenever required easily unless a video recorder will be used.

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.”

How online exporters are forced to use laptops

Large companies and powerful officials in the indian internet sector want to force indian online exporters to use laptops, which they can easily hack using the hidden wifi network to monitor all activity, They then falsely claim that the online export business belongs to the mediocre lazy brahmin or call girl relatives and friends of these officials like nayanshree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, riddhi and others to get these mediocre lazy inexperienced relatives and friends lucrative government jobs at the expense of the real OBC exporter.

If the exporter will use a desktop, these cruel powerful will waste indian tax payer money to monitor and locate the harmless innocent exporter falsely claiming that she is a security threat, These cruel animal like cowardly powerful officials will then attack her with the most sophisticated directed energy weapons causing great pain, crippling her for a day or more. This will force the online exporter to abandon the desktop to avoid the attack by these cruel animals in human form getting a governmemt salary.

Thus the fraud officials in the indian internet sector try to force the online exporter to use laptops so that they can defame the real exporter, monitor all activities remotely and falsely claim that the online export  business belongs to their mediocre lazy greedy inexperienced cheater friends and relatives including brahmins and call girls . Monitoring the desktop activity with the hidden wifi network, will not be so easy as the desktop does not have inbuilt wifi .
Only some select people from well connected families have access to any information about the wifi network, however an engineer can do some reverse engineering to determine that a wifi network was being used to monitor laptop activities,

Double standards in the indian tech sector

There are very few world class companies in the indian tech sector due to the high levels of corruption, nepotism and double standards of the most powerful companies and officials . When an innocent harmless hardworking webmaster, engineer will earn money from exports, these powerful greedy officials will defame without proof, cheat, sexually harass and exploit her wasting indian tax payer money, steal her retirement savings of twenty years, falsely claiming to be saints greatly concerned about honesty and integrity.

However when the mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives of these same officials commit corporate espionage like goan siddhi, cheat the webmaster of more than Rs 1.1 lakh like nayanshree hathwar, or falsely claim to do work, own the website, these same fraud officials will allegedly appoint these these inexperienced mediocre lazy greedy cheater women to very important government jobs falsely claiming that they are experienced webmasters, engineers, domain investors and online exporters. In fact cheater  nayanshree hathwar does not have an engineering degree, due to casteism , powerful officials have given her fake references  to the brahmin nayanshree

The official who has been most ruthless in harassing the innocent woman claiming to be concerned about honesty, has been allegedly involved in the greatest fraud, falsely claiming that the bsc sunaina, half his age, was his engineering college classmate, domain investor, online exporter,ebay seller, to get her a very lucrative government job at the expense of the webmaster. In reality, the lazy greedy liar sunaina does not do any work or spend any money online.

Now the cruel shameless official has been trying to cover up his fraud attacking the harmless webmaster with laser weapons to cause great pain, keep her idle, close her account, block payment. He has also been hacking her laptop, especially keyboard and accessories like pen drives, resulting in wastage of time and money.

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Computers for home use

Many people use a computer at home for both personal and professional purposes.
Finding a suitable computer can be difficult, since a majority of branded computers in the indian market have backdoors which large companies can easily exploit to steal data and harass small business owners, professionals .
It is relatively difficult to find suppliers of good quality assembled computers at an affordable price.
For a comprehensive review of computers for home use check
Suppliers interested in a free listing can send their offer to, and

Why indians should not purchase a laptop in 2015

Most civilians do not know that almost all laptops available in India have inbuilt wifi and bluetooth, with backdoors.
Though Windows has an option to disable the wifi and bluetooth option, there are hidden backdoors in the wifi and bluetooth available which allow government agencies to access any laptop which has been switched on remotely.
This can be used to monitor all data on the laptop, including on the pen drive and replicate it remotely.

Information about the wifi network remains top secret and there is no way an ordinary civilian can access the information, though dishonest greedy people with no morals, integrity and ethics seem to access to the highly confidential information.
If the activities of a person working at home are known, powerful officials can falsely claim that their lazy relatives and friends are doing all the work, when actually these relatives and friends are not doing anything at all. These ruthless greedy officials are then extremely ruthless in defaming the person actually doing all the work, so that their mediocre lazy liar relatives get credit and lucrative permanent government jobs for the fraud

Some of the more famous greedy lazy good looking frauds who have benefited with permanent government jobs without doing any work only because their powerful scammer relatives and friends have access to the top secret wifi network are the cheater housewife from bangalore nayanshree hathwar, Goa’s cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who commited corporate espionage,stalker bsc sunaina, stock broker asmita patel and others

Hence if a small business owner, professional would like to keep their information confidential, avoid defamation, exploitation, prevent lazy greedy well connected frauds from taking credit without doing anything, it will be better to purchase a desktop for daily use in 2015. The laptop should be used sparingly only while travelling.

Please note that this advice may be applicable only to experienced webmasters, domain investors and online exporters receiving Paypal payment, whose powerful engineering college classmates hate them intensely, want to destroy their life and can waste infinite indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment for the same,
Webmasters who also have received a mail from Competition commission of India to be party to the case against google for destroying competition to retain the monopoly in the indian market

Deletion of computer files remotely

Due to the high levels of casteism in the indian internet sector , only select people, especially Brahmins have access to expensive government equipment and all others are denied information. These people hide behind good looking women like the cheater shivalli brahmin housewife nayanshree hathwar . The expensive equipment will be used to access the laptop of the computer user remotely when she used a Tata Indicom connection and delete files and emails on the laptop on the laptop remotely . The cunning cheater nayashree hathwar, whose husband guruprasad was working with tata power special electronics division first in mumbai and then in bangalore will openly claim that she does not know even her computer configuration, her fraud cybercriminal husband has been hiding behind her to delete files of vulnerable single women webmasters who are put under surveillance.

Being cunning cheater brahmins nayanshree ‘s powerful friends and relatives are experts in defaming innocent indian webmasters without proof, to put them under surveillance, extorting their hard earned money, and then misusing the expensive equipment to access and delete files remotely . Due to the high level of casteism in the indian internet sector, non brahmins do not have access to the expensive government monitoring equipment unless they sleep with powerful officials, and bangalore cybercrime will refuse to take any action against well connected cheater brahmins like nayanshree hathwar despite providing all proof. Allegedly powerful brahmin officials falsely claim that the cheater nayanshree is an engineer, when she does not have any engineering degree or experience to ensure that police does not take action against her for her section 420 fraud ,

Hence data should not be stored on the computer hard disk to avoid deletion of files, as these cybercriminal gangs can flourish in India without being punished, Avoid using tata indicom and never make payment to the cheater nayanshree hathwar, she is an extremely ungrateful cheater woman who has license to cheat without being punished,

Warning about computer Corporate espionage technique in Goa

Warning about the corporate espionage tactics used in Goa by greedy cunning well connected frauds pretending to look for work. Small business owners in Goa are warned to be extremely careful about corporate espionage methods used by a lazy greedy young fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar in Goa. She will pretend that she would like to work at home and want to take a copy on the pen drive. Actually she will inject extremely sophisticated software on the laptop, which allows the greedy well connected cheater siddhi and her associates to steal data from the laptop continuously using the top secret government wifi network. The software cannot be detected or removed by conventional malware removal tools or anti virus software

As she has powerful friends and relatives who can abuse their powers and waste infinite indian tax payer money without being held accountable , she can also steal all emails, phone calls, smses, postal mails, so anyone who will make the mistake of trusting her will find it difficult to earn a living. The greedy cunning young woman will then falsely claim that she owns the online export business receiving Paypal payment, when she does not want to spend a single paisa on the business expenses or do any work and cannot operate the bank account. Why is such a greedy fraud like siddhi considered respectable in Indian society today and no one feels that she should be punished for her fraud.

Unfortunately the powerful officials in the indian internet sector who are quick to criticize, harass,cheat and exploit the innocent webmaster wasting indian tax payer money, go out of the their way to protect and pamper the young cheater siddhi mandrekar , giving her great powers for her fraud . She has become extremely popular in Goa because she was rewarded for her fraud of corporate espionage by some of the largest companies in the indian internet sector, who pay lip service to corporate ethics,

She has a very large number of friends on facebook, who do not know her true colors, a ruthless cunning greedy fraud who will betray anyone who will trust her if she has been bribed . She usually wears jeans, has shoulder length straight hair which will be left open.

Expensive computers with no warranty

Compared to even 5 years ago, the quality of computers available in India has worsened to a very great extent, while the prices have only increased. It is not known whether all computer users are facing the problem or the webmaster has been specifically targetted for harassment. Typically a compaq or HP laptop purchased 5 years ago, costing less than Rs 20,0000, could be used without any customer support for at least a year and usually work for 3-4 years despite being used extensively.

Today a laptop purchased from the same brand cannot even be used for a year. Within a few months the keyboard of the laptop had stopped working. The service center of HP was very prompt and efficient in replacing the laptop keyboard, yet again after a few months, the laptop keyboard stopped working. This time the warranty period had stopped working and the service center wanted Rs 500 just to check what the problem was,

It appears that all connections on the laptop are routed through a third party without a valid reason or legal order. For example if the Airtel 3G modem will be used on the the laptop, if will take more than a minute to connect to the server, after which the connection request can be made. Even for the Samsung laptop the internet connection will be routed through a third party who can disconnect as they wish. There is no information on who or why the internet connection has been diverted, there is no national security issue involved just harassment of a harmless webmaster.