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Warning about computer Corporate espionage technique in Goa

Warning about the corporate espionage tactics used in Goa by greedy cunning well connected frauds pretending to look for work. Small business owners in Goa are warned to be extremely careful about corporate espionage methods used by a lazy greedy young fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar in Goa. She will pretend that she would like to work at home and want to take a copy on the pen drive. Actually she will inject extremely sophisticated software on the laptop, which allows the greedy well connected cheater siddhi and her associates to steal data from the laptop continuously using the top secret government wifi network. The software cannot be detected or removed by conventional malware removal tools or anti virus software

As she has powerful friends and relatives who can abuse their powers and waste infinite indian tax payer money without being held accountable , she can also steal all emails, phone calls, smses, postal mails, so anyone who will make the mistake of trusting her will find it difficult to earn a living. The greedy cunning young woman will then falsely claim that she owns the online export business receiving Paypal payment, when she does not want to spend a single paisa on the business expenses or do any work and cannot operate the bank account. Why is such a greedy fraud like siddhi considered respectable in Indian society today and no one feels that she should be punished for her fraud.

Unfortunately the powerful officials in the indian internet sector who are quick to criticize, harass,cheat and exploit the innocent webmaster wasting indian tax payer money, go out of the their way to protect and pamper the young cheater siddhi mandrekar , giving her great powers for her fraud . She has become extremely popular in Goa because she was rewarded for her fraud of corporate espionage by some of the largest companies in the indian internet sector, who pay lip service to corporate ethics,

She has a very large number of friends on facebook, who do not know her true colors, a ruthless cunning greedy fraud who will betray anyone who will trust her if she has been bribed . She usually wears jeans, has shoulder length straight hair which will be left open.

Expensive computers with no warranty

Compared to even 5 years ago, the quality of computers available in India has worsened to a very great extent, while the prices have only increased. It is not known whether all computer users are facing the problem or the webmaster has been specifically targetted for harassment. Typically a compaq or HP laptop purchased 5 years ago, costing less than Rs 20,0000, could be used without any customer support for at least a year and usually work for 3-4 years despite being used extensively.

Today a laptop purchased from the same brand cannot even be used for a year. Within a few months the keyboard of the laptop had stopped working. The service center of HP was very prompt and efficient in replacing the laptop keyboard, yet again after a few months, the laptop keyboard stopped working. This time the warranty period had stopped working and the service center wanted Rs 500 just to check what the problem was,

It appears that all connections on the laptop are routed through a third party without a valid reason or legal order. For example if the Airtel 3G modem will be used on the the laptop, if will take more than a minute to connect to the server, after which the connection request can be made. Even for the Samsung laptop the internet connection will be routed through a third party who can disconnect as they wish. There is no information on who or why the internet connection has been diverted, there is no national security issue involved just harassment of a harmless webmaster.

Tools to troubleshoot website problems

Unlike any other sector where women are judged on the basis of their actual knowledge, experience and skills, the indian internet sector is unique in that very experienced webmasters, engineers and webmasters are judged exclusively based on their relationship with powerful officials. Hence powerful officials are free to exploit, cheat and defame experienced webmasters in India by falsely claiming that the experienced webmaster does not know anything and stopping the exploitation can be a very difficult task for the webmaster who has been ruthlessly defamed and cheated .

Hence a mediocre cheater housewife from bangalore, nayanshree hathwar, Bank a/c : 4152500100494301 Karnataka Bank has cheated a single woman engineer and webmaster of about $2000, but powerful officials in the indian internet sector are so overjoyed with nayanshree hathwar for the fraud, that they are allegedly falsely claiming that the cheater nayanshree hathwar has an engineering degree from IIT Bombay, 1993, when she would not get admission to IIT and does not have any engineering experience. They are also falsely claiming that the cheater nayanshree hathwar has the experience, investment of the webmaster she cheated, to fraudulently appoint the cheater nayanshree hathwar to a very important government job which the webmaster deserved and ensuring that bangalore cybercrime does not take action against the cheater nayanshree.
Similarly a cheater inexperienced medical electronics diploma holder from father agnel, goa siddhi mandrekar has committed corporate espionage on the experienced single woman engineer and webmaster, but powerful officials and companies in the internet sector are extremely overjoyed with the cruel lazy fraud siddhi mandrekar, that they have allegedly falsely claimed that the cheater siddhi mandrekar has the experience, qualification and skills of the experienced webmaster she has cheated to appoint her to a very important job in the indian internet sector at the expense of the webmaster she cheated. Siddhi mandrekar may have changed her name to avoid being punished for her crime.
In a third case, an extremely powerful official in the internet sector in India allegedly infatuated with an inexperienced slim young woman, bsc sunaina has falsely claimed that his darling sunaina was an experienced webmaster, domain investor and ebay seller, when actually sunaina has not spent a single paisa on domain names,or does not have an ebay account. These false claims were used to fraudulently appoint sunaina to a very important government job, at the expense of the experienced webmaster she has been stalking. There are other women who have been fraudulently appointed to a top government job at the expense of the experienced webmaster, who has got nothing.

Though powerful officials in the indian internet sector may give fake references of experience to their inexperienced cheater girlfriends , it does not mean that these mediocre lazy girlfriends will acquire the experience of managing websites overnight. When inexperienced frauds are appointed to important jobs in the internet sector, it will affect their performance and also the uptime of websites in India as these women make many mistakes. When websites are down, webmasters will need to use webmaster tools like Abongo for troubleshooting, which provide information on DNS, Whois, Ping, TraceRoute and Page Rank .The tool will be useful for webmasters, system admins , network admins and other web professionals to investigate any website or IP address to find out the problem. It provides information that is not available anywhere else such as backbone provider, geographical maps of the web deployment and pings and traceroutes from multiple cities around the world which may be needed for fixing dedicated servers.

Thus fraudulent appointment of inexperienced mediocre lazy well connected cheaters like nayanshree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina to important government jobs in the indian internet sector, has increased the demand for webmaster tools as webmasters will face many problems ensuring uptime for their websites.

Hacking of computers of Indian webmasters

Allegedly NSA/Tata hacks all the electronic devices purchased by system admins, especially laptops, mobiles and tablets for corporate espionage purposes to cause losses to the business owner, with very little support from anyone.
The lazy cheater young women in India, especially a greedy kim kardashian look alike, who do not manage or own websites, but have their dishonest powerful boyfriends making false claims that they own the website, earn money from exports are usually spared of these attacks
Toshiba NB510
Purchased from Fl****
During the warranty period, the keyboard had to be replaced.
Some cybercriminal gang had installed a Cisco router on the Toshiba NB510 to steal passwords
A complaint was lodged with the cybercrime cell in Goa.
No action was taken
However, the laptop was hacked soon afterwards, the keyboard makes a beeping sound and windows does not start. A computer repair shop has indicated that the keyboard has to be replaced, but there are no spares available,

Operating system : Android 4.1.2
While the tablet seems to be well designed, easy to use, but for the email accounts checked, it is giving a login error. It is not known whether the sabotage is related to the complaint filed against Google, which has developed the android operating system, with the competition commission of India

The biggest fraud is how dishonest powerful officials falsely claim that all these purchases are made by their young lazy cheater and liar girlfriends especially scammer medical electronics diploma holder who gave her name as siddhi mandrekar, bsc pass sunaina who actually do not spend a single paisa. These girlfriends get all the support, powers and privileges, while the real customer has to struggle to get a working product as every electronic device they own is hacked.

Reversing computerization in India

About 15 years few people in India used computers extensively, most records were stored in paper format. Since then many have spent large amounts of money on computerization, impressed by the convenience and increase in productivity. Today though the government has been insisting on using technology for government records, for many private businesses in India of all sizes, big and small, the hazards of storing data in digital format, has forced them to rethink the feasibility and wisdom of the same.

For example, a small business owner, who stored financial records in digital format from 2000 to 2012 realized that the data was easily stolen by people who misintepreted it, with their limited knowledge, but were not held accountable for their major mistakes, which ruined an innocent persons life. They also tampered with the information and subjected the business owner to identity theft, using some of the most expensive weapons available in the country, ruining the business owners health. Realizing that fighting these people would be futile, and one sided, since a harmless civilian has access to very few resources, the business owner decided to revert to offline data storage.

The small business owner is not alone, even the largest telcos in the country like Airtel and Idea are slowly reverting to manual storage of records. Visit any Idea retailer to get a recharge, they will keep their records in a register. Now Airtel has also started following the footsteps of Idea, at least in small towns. These are very large companies that can easily afford computerized data, but are now finding it too difficult to keep their customer information confidential when stored in digital format. Maintaining a register is far more inexpensive, compared to buying a laptop which costs 20K+, and is repeatedly hacked by frauds who are never held accountable.

People are so disgusted with the theft of confidential business information, by officials who are not accountable to anyone, and many have realized that they will never get a fair deal if they continue to store data in digital format. So notebooks, registers and other paper storage media are back in demand, especially for those who are not slim or young enough. The bugging of a ministers house, showed the minister using handwritten records for communication and storing data, very inconvenient, time consuming but safe..

More evidence of email theft

Email interception powers are given for national security, but how is stealing leads from an exporter, national security, it is corporate espionage.
For an email account with hostg* all the emails have been deleted by someone for the last 15 hours, they are obviously stolen by someone who hates the webmaster.
why does one person have to pay the bills, and the fraud who cheats her, does not spend a single penny on bills, gets unlimited permission to steal and delete all her emails.
even the transfer of webhosting from hostgator they are blocking,
yet they have complete powers of surveillance.
to cause damage as they wish, and no one to question them.

Search engine optimisation packages

Today the internet is used extensively for searching information, especially business information. For any business, the website is both an online brochure and also a marketing tool, which can be a steady source of free leads and customers, if the website ranks well in search engines for the product or services being sold. However most web designers will only design the website of a business and often a customer searching for the website will not be able to locate it while using search engines like Google. A search engine optimisation firm can ensure that the website ranks well in search engines for the products or services which are sold by using various techniques such as content optimization, link building, social media marketing. Various SEO packages are available depending on the customer needs and marketing budget.

Typically the pricing for the search engine optimisation packages will be based on the number of products or services which have to rank well in search engines results. The SEO firm will analyse the search information to find the main keywords used by potential customers to find the websites in the same niche. They will then modify the content of the website if needed, prepare relevant content and also build backlinks to the website to improve its search engine rankings. One of the criteria for selecting a SEO firm are the results achieved in the past, customer feedback and pricing of the packages offered. The search engine optimisation packages are usually billed on a monthly basis based on results achieved.

Rootkit removal expert needed

Expert needed to remove rootkits which are installed on multiple laptops. Most conventional rootkit removal tools are not effective in removing these rootkits. For example, the Kapersky rootkit removal tool could not be unzipped on an affected laptop. These rootkits are used to control the laptop remotely, would also like to trace the persons responsible so that legal action can be initiated. Would also like to know if Google India employees, contractors or business associates are directly or indirectly involved or encouraging this cybercrime.

Email investigator needed

We are interested in hiring an experienced investigator familiar with email routing in India, to investigate under what circumstances emails belonging to private citizens can be diverted. We have proof that our emails were routed through Digicomp India, Bangalore some time ago, and even today, email delivery is greatly delayed (proof of delay available), causing great financial losses. We are interested in finding out who is responsible and how to stop this interception and also initiate legal actions to get compensation for the financial losses. Would also like to know if Google India employees, contractors or business associates are directly or indirectly involved or encouraging this cybercrime.


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