Hacking of computers of Indian webmasters

Allegedly NSA/Tata hacks all the electronic devices purchased by system admins, especially laptops, mobiles and tablets for corporate espionage purposes to cause losses to the business owner, with very little support from anyone.
The lazy cheater young women in India, especially a greedy kim kardashian look alike, who do not manage or own websites, but have their dishonest powerful boyfriends making false claims that they own the website, earn money from exports are usually spared of these attacks
Toshiba NB510
Purchased from Fl****
During the warranty period, the keyboard had to be replaced.
Some cybercriminal gang had installed a Cisco router on the Toshiba NB510 to steal passwords
A complaint was lodged with the cybercrime cell in Goa.
No action was taken
However, the laptop was hacked soon afterwards, the keyboard makes a beeping sound and windows does not start. A computer repair shop has indicated that the keyboard has to be replaced, but there are no spares available,

Operating system : Android 4.1.2
While the tablet seems to be well designed, easy to use, but for the email accounts checked, it is giving a login error. It is not known whether the sabotage is related to the complaint filed against Google, which has developed the android operating system, with the competition commission of India

The biggest fraud is how dishonest powerful officials falsely claim that all these purchases are made by their young lazy cheater and liar girlfriends especially scammer medical electronics diploma holder who gave her name as siddhi mandrekar, bsc pass sunaina who actually do not spend a single paisa. These girlfriends get all the support, powers and privileges, while the real customer has to struggle to get a working product as every electronic device they own is hacked.

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