Warning about computer Corporate espionage technique in Goa

Warning about the corporate espionage tactics used in Goa by greedy cunning well connected frauds pretending to look for work. Small business owners in Goa are warned to be extremely careful about corporate espionage methods used by a lazy greedy young fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar in Goa. She will pretend that she would like to work at home and want to take a copy on the pen drive. Actually she will inject extremely sophisticated software on the laptop, which allows the greedy well connected cheater siddhi and her associates to steal data from the laptop continuously using the top secret government wifi network. The software cannot be detected or removed by conventional malware removal tools or anti virus software

As she has powerful friends and relatives who can abuse their powers and waste infinite indian tax payer money without being held accountable , she can also steal all emails, phone calls, smses, postal mails, so anyone who will make the mistake of trusting her will find it difficult to earn a living. The greedy cunning young woman will then falsely claim that she owns the online export business receiving Paypal payment, when she does not want to spend a single paisa on the business expenses or do any work and cannot operate the bank account. Why is such a greedy fraud like siddhi considered respectable in Indian society today and no one feels that she should be punished for her fraud.

Unfortunately the powerful officials in the indian internet sector who are quick to criticize, harass,cheat and exploit the innocent webmaster wasting indian tax payer money, go out of the their way to protect and pamper the young cheater siddhi mandrekar , giving her great powers for her fraud . She has become extremely popular in Goa because she was rewarded for her fraud of corporate espionage by some of the largest companies in the indian internet sector, who pay lip service to corporate ethics,

She has a very large number of friends on facebook, who do not know her true colors, a ruthless cunning greedy fraud who will betray anyone who will trust her if she has been bribed . She usually wears jeans, has shoulder length straight hair which will be left open.

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