Live performances at IT company function

Most IT companies take up projects where a large number of people are employed and teamwork is essential for the success. Hence IT companies are often looking for opportunities for team building and loyalty. While companies do pay bonuses for employees based on their performance these have a limited motivational impact on the employee as the amount will be directly credited to their account. Promotional events and functions which are specially organized for their employees, where employees can have a meal and fun together are increasingly popular with IT companies as they help build loyalty and keep employees motivated .

Live performances with popular singers and actors will be one of the star attractions at any party or annual day function of an It company in India and abroad. Though Bangalore is associated with the IT sector in India, Hyderabad is close competition to the city in south India, with a large number of software and internet companies based in city due to the rapid development of infrastructure and excellent facilities. A large percentage of the employees in the IT and tech sector are Telegu and hence a live show with popular pop singer Anushka Manchanda and Telegu actor Allu Arjun will be most suitable.

The all girl band Viva was launched with great fanfare as India’s answer to the spice girls band in England, and though the band no longer exists, Anushka Manchanda who was a member of the band continues to have a significant fan following among the youth. Unlike most popular Indian singers who restrict themselves to Hindi songs, to cater to the westernized IT crowd she can also belt out popular English songs in addition to songs in Indian languages especially Hindi. On demand she may agree to sing some of the songs requested by the audience at the performance which are their all time favorites

Allu Arjun is a popular Telegu actor who has acted in a number of popular Telugu movies in the last few years. Many telegu employees will be fans of the actor and would love to have an opportunity to see him in person. Having him perform to his popular songs from movies and to other music like the songs from will make the event memorable for all the employees, their friends and relatives who may attend. He could also dance to live music sung by Some employees may not attend company functions if they do not like parties, however the presence of celebrities like Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda will help increase the number of employees who will attend. After the performance the employees could get an opportunity to interact with Allu Arjun, Anushka Manchanda and find out about their life and career

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