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TV vs Computer/Internet for Pepsi IPL advertising

Though advertising and usage of digital media has increased to a very large extent, internet usage in India remains very expensive, slow and highly regulated. Online exporters, especially bloggers in India are often branded as security threats for receiving Paypal payment (without any proof!) with their internet connection routed through the relatives and friends of powerful officials in the indian internet sector to harass them as these friends will slow down the connection whenever they feel like or disconnect. The pepsi IPL remains one of the most popular cricket tournament in India with a large number of viewers and advertising online and offline has been reviewed .

For example yearly cable TV connection will only cost about Rs 3500 for unlimited viewing while 2GB internet usage monthly usage for Airtel will cost Rs 500+, and this results in far higher viewership for TV channels. Naturally many advertisers prefer to promote their product or service on TV . Pepsi IPL has been extensively advertised on Television channels, both the tournament and related products and services developed for the Pepsi IPL. Many users with an internet connection also prefer to watch TV for news and ads as it is both inexpensive and quicker as they do not have to wait for a page to load with the slow internet connection during the day.

It appears that the advertisers have preferred to focus on only certain channels with high viewership and local TV channels have been ignored for Pepsi IPL advertising. As usual Pepsi has released a series of slickly produced ads celebrating the Indian Premier League (IPL). These television commercials have been celebrating the IPL as a pan India cricket festival and show people from different backgrounds and regions of india dancing and rejoicing to indicate that the IPL is popular through out the country. These ads have been produced to inform people about the cricket tournament, so that they track and watch the cricket matches .

However the frequency of Pepsi IPL ads remains low on some of the major TV channels, especially during the day. In terms of frequency of being aired the most popular cricket or IPL related ad on television was for an app for watching the IPL matches on the mobile phone called Hotstar. Increasingly companies are blocking cricket related websites so that employees do not waste time at work, yet when an interesting cricket match is being aired, people in india will stop all their work and gather around the nearest television set to watch the cricket match being broadcast. Now it has become possible to watch the same match on the smart phone or mobile phone and the Hotstar app shows how the person watching the cricket matches on his mobile phone becomes the center of attention.

Due to the high level of surveillance of bloggers and online exporters in India they will keep their internet usage to the minimum to reduce the damage to their health and being labelled as a national security threat. For these bloggers, There appear to be very few Pepsi IPL related ads visible for most of their activities online in India. However the great disadvantage of watching TV is that the ad cannot be retrieved whenever required easily unless a video recorder will be used.

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