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If  your hard disk is giving error messages it is cheaper to install a new hard disk drive and transfer all important data to the new hard drive. Depending on your technical skills, importance of  the data, time and money available, there are various options available.  

How to transfer data for a new installation of  Windows/Operating system. A Mac can read data from a Windows formatted drive, but the naming convention for the drive should be compatible.

This is recommended since the system will work faster.

1. Copy all important documents, text files, program installation software and important data onto a CD/DVD/USB drive depending on the file size. Multiple data backups are recommended.

You can also transfer the data to an external drive connected to the USB port.


2. How to partition and format a hard drive


3.If  you have done some computer troubleshooting and repair yourself, you can directly transfer data from the old hard disk to the new hard disk . Connect the old hard disk to the computer with the new drive with the secondary IDE cable. Set the jumpers , so that the new drive is configured as the  master and the old drive is set as the slave. When you switch on the computer, you can directly transfer data between the 2 drives, using the copy command.


4. If  you are not confident about jumper settings and removing drives, you can copy important data directly from the backup CD/DVD/USB drive.


5. Programs will have to be reinstalled on the new hard drive


6. If you wish to keep the entire program files and Operating system intact on the new hard drive , you can use imaging utilities like  Norton's Ghost.  However, creating and restoring the ghost image of a hard drive is very time consuming process.


7. Another way to transfer data between computers is to connect the 2 computers using a LAN cable and transfer data between hard drives on the peer to peer network.


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