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If  you are constantly working on a computer, you can watch TV on your computer while taking a break from work, or only watch your favorite TV program. Also, you can watch a TV program while the computer is downloading data or busy with some CPU intensive process. For persons staying in a small flat, space is saved when your computer also functions as a TV.

How to use a computer monitor as TV:

1. Some computer monitors like the Samsung Sync Master 940MW include a TV tuner, which can be used to switch between a small Picture in Picture window and a full screen TV tuner.

The TV signal cable (for cable TV) is  connected to the TV tuner.

The software program loaded for viewing TV on the computer has to be started, to view TV programs. Customizable  program guides are usually available.

2. Some computers with Windows Media Center, have a TV tuner card preinstalled. For a Media Center PC, you have to select the type of  TV signal you receive (varies according to country). Some users prefer to have 2 screens - one for working on  the computer and the other for watching TV.

3.Otherwise, you can purchase a TV tuner card and install it on the computer. Some of the cheaper TV tuner cards purchased separately may not be compatible with all versions of  software installed on the computer, so it is better to get a computer with a TV tuner card preinstalled.

4. A TV tuner card may be fitted in the PCI slot or USB port, so ensure that you have a free slot or port available for installing the card.  Each card contains a receiver,  demodulator, a tuner, and an analog to digital converter which may be implemented using hardware, firmware, flash memory or through  software using the computer's CPU. TV programs can be recorded and stored on the hard drive using a TV tuner card

5. Satellite broadcast signals can be received by TV tuner cards with DVB reception for digital radio, television and data signals. 

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