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Nowadays, most external devices are conveniently connected to a computer using the USB ports. Some USB devices like flash drives should only be removed after stopping it, otherwise the USB device may be damaged and data lost. Some times, the USB device is not recognized by the computer due to a number of reasons. 

How to fix USB device problems :

1. Check if the USB device is properly connected. Many times, if the contact between  the connectors is even slightly lose, the device may not be detected. Check if  the internal connectors to the motherboard are fixed properly.

2. Many USB devices work on the computer power supply, but a few have a separate power supply. In such cases, ensure that the USB power supply is switched on after making suitable connections.

3.Device drivers are usually provided separately on a CD, though some USB devices work with the default drivers available with Windows. The device drivers must be installed on your computer . Check for the latest versions of device drivers on the manufacturers website. Also ensure that the latest device drivers for your motherboard are installed.

4. Uninstall the USB device through device manager.  Switch off the computer, unplug the USB device  Check if the latest device drivers are installed and and  restart the computer. Windows will automatically install the device drivers. Connect the USB devices again. 

5. Many times USB devices, especially pen drives are faulty. In such cases, get a new device as a replacement from the manufacturer, if  the product is under warranty.

6. Try connecting the USB device in Windows Safe Mode. If the device works properly in safe mode, but not normally, there may be a problem with some software installed on your computer.

7. Some times, you may have USB 2.0 hardware ports which are detected as USB 1.0 because of the Operating System Installed. Windows XP supports USB 2.0 only from Service Pack 1 onwards, so for older versions of Windows you may face this problem. 

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