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In wireless networks, each of the computers on the network have a wireless card and a router assigns network addresses to each of  the computers. Wireless cards, routers should be compatible with 802.11g or 802.11n,  cards with 802.11b are usually slower and cheaper For wireless internet the router is connected to the cable or ADSL modem with a standard Ethernet cable . After setting up the router, the computers will connect to the internet wirelessly. Usually the wireless signal is available for a distance of  about 500 m from your router. To prevent misuse, you should encrypt your wireless network , using WEP or WPA.

How to fix errors in wireless networking :

1. Rebooting the router and computer may fix the problem. First switch off the router and restart after one minute. Connect it to the modem. Then restart the computer.

2. Bring another wireless device like a  laptop into the room, check if you can connect to the internet.  If  you can connect to the internet using the other wireless device, there may be a problem with the wireless network card in your computer. Check if  wireless networking is enabled in the computer. In some laptop models, there is a switch which enables wireless networking.

3. If  no wireless device works with your router, check if  the internet connection is established when the computer is connected  to the router using a Ethernet cable. If  the wired connection does not also work, there may be a problem with your router.

4. If the wired connection works, check the router settings using a web browser. Ensure that the wireless function is enabled.  Verify that SSID is being broadcast.

5. Check if the SSID and WEP/WAP setting on your computer and laptop match. This is a common problem when the computer finds the wireless network but is unable to login.

6. Clear the existing connections on the DHCP table. Also ensure that MAC address filters are not enabled. If MAC address filters are to be enabled for security reasons, ensure that the physical address of the computers on the network are entered correctly.

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